20 Cheap Accessories to Improve Your Computer Desk/Gaming Setup

There are plenty of cheap accessories for your desk/gaming setup that can help improve functionality, aesthetic appeal, and overall productivity. These accessories range from cable management items, lighting, mouse bungees, plants, monitor mounts, and more. So, how do you find good accessories to improve your gaming/desk setup? Well, we can help. Below we’ve got a list of 20 excellent, yet cheap products for your computer desk setup. Moreover, the accessories may even be better deals thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Monitor Stand

  1. VIVO Monitor Stand

VIVO Single 13 to 27 inch LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand, Fully Adjustable, Tilt, Articulating / Holds 1 Screen STAND-V001

Anyone who has a monitor(s) knows
how much desk space they can take up. They’re big, bulky and take up a lot of
desk space you could be using for something else. That’s where VIVO’s monitor
comes into play. It lifts up your monitor and does away with the stand,
provided you have a VESA mount-compatible monitor (100x100mm).

If you have multiple monitors, there’s also a variant available for Two monitors, as well as one that can have Three monitors on it. You will get additional room for further cable management too, so your setup looks nice and clean. Installing the monitor arm is fairly easy, and you’re getting quite a lot of benefits. All things considered, a great accessory for any setup.

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Cable Management

  1. Joto Cable Management Sleeve

[4 Pack] JOTO Cable Management Sleeve, 19-20 Inch Cord Organizer System with Zipper for TV Computer Office Home Entertainment, Flexible Cable Sleeve Wrap Cover Wire Hider System -Black

When you’re building a PC setup, you’ll notice you’ve got a host of cables running under your desk. There’s also a lot of them coming from the back of your case. Therefore, a good accessory for cable management is needed.

Fortunately, the Joto flexible neoprene sleeve has a zipper that can easily hold 8 to 10 cables. All you’ve got to do is gather the cables together, wrap the sleeve around them and zip them up. It gives you easy access if you need any of the cables yet makes sure they’re out of the way when you don’t need them. It’s among the best gaming set up accessories you’ll find.

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  1. Blue Key World Cable Clips

Cable Clips - Cord Organizer - Cable Management - Wire Holder System - 6 Pack Adhesive Cord Hooks - Home, Office, Cubicle, Car, Nightstand, Desk Accessories - Gift Ideas Men, Women, Dad, Mom (Black)

Whether you need to organize the cables above, on your desk, or the ones below, having an easy way to attach them, non-permanently, to your desk is key. And Blue Key World Cable Clips are an excellent solution for doing so.

They come with an adhesive on the
back which holds quite a bit, and room for two or three small cables inside.
Once you put them on your desk, you just push the cables through, and they’ll
stay there. They’re good for a variety of surfaces – not just your desk.

The clips are also eco-friendly thanks
to the certified materials used, and they’re one of the best ways to declutter
a desk that we’ve seen. You can also use them to attach charging cables that
you use once in a while, instead of having them dangling from your desk.  

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  1. Wiremold CordMate II

Wiremold Cable Management Kit, CordMate II, Cord Organizer and Hider, Cord Cover, Concealer, and Protector for Wall, Medium Capacity, CMK50

The CordMate II was made for everything from a cheap gaming setup, to a high-end one, and it works really good in a variety of situations.

With the set you get four
channels, three couplings, as well as a couple of elbows and a T-fitting, so
you can have it set up just the way you like it. Inside, you can hide up to
three cables, and they’ll stay inside.

What’s interesting is that this
is one of those cheap products for your computer desk setup that check all the
boxes – you have an adhesive backing that works on everything, including
baseboards and walls.

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  1. J Channel Cable Raceway

J Channel Cable Raceway - Black - 48' Length

The J channel cable raceway is quite possibly the simplest way of routing and hiding your cables. A single piece is 48” long, so it does cover a large desk, and there’s an opening at the top that allows you to put any cables inside.

At the back you will find an
adhesive strip that allows you to mount the raceway on your desk – no screws
are required. If you’re looking for a place to tuck in your cables, but have
them readily available if you need to remove any of them, this is one of the
best gaming set up accessories.

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Headphone Stand

  1. New Bee Earphone Stand

Headphone Stand Headset Holder New Bee Earphone Stand with Aluminum Supporting Bar Flexible Headrest ABS Solid Base for All Headphones Size (Black)

Are you one of those folks that
leave their headphones somewhere on the desk, only to push them off your desk
by accident and damage them? If you are, a headphones stand is something you
should look into when you’re buying cheap products for your computer desk

This headphone stand by New Bee is two things – cheap and minimal. It’s made of aluminum but has a TPU rubber base that doesn’t slide around and provides a stable foundation. Note that your desk should be flat and dust-free for it to hold well.

At 8.85” high, you can put pretty much any headphones, and the base makes it easy to wrap your headphones’ around it. It’s one of those accessories to improve your gaming/desk setup that you haven’t thought of but do a great job.

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  1. NZXT Puck

NZXT Puck - BA-PUCKR-B1 - Cable Management and Headset Mount - Compact Size - Silicone Construction - Powerful Magnet for Computer Case Mounting - Black

Do you need a headphone stand and have a metal case? If so, the NZXT Puck is absolutely perfect for you. Initially released as an accessory for their own cases, you can attach it to pretty much any case that has metal on it since it works using magnets.

Aside from the fact you can have
your cables neatly tucked in, the Puck splits into two sections so you
effectively get two stands if you need them. It’s also made of silicone, which
is really easy to clean, and the black color makes it look good on just about
any case.

If you have a case that could
work with it, the NZXT Puck is one of the cleanest headphones stands you can
get, and it’s pretty durable as well.

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  1. Wooden Omega Walnut Stand

A good pair of headphones deserves to be displayed, and this Omega stand is a great way to do so. It looks simple, yet extremely elegant with the walnut finish. It works with just about any pair of headphones and will keep them without stretching out the headband.

The base also allows for wrapping
your cable around, so you can have it out of the way when your headphones are
on the stand. While there’s no additional functionality such as some stands
that have USB ports etc., it’s minimal, it looks stunning, and it works very

The only downside is that it’s a
bit pricey for “just a stand”, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing, so it’s
actually worth it. 

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  1. Succulent Plants (Alive)

Hejdco Artificial Succulent Plants Set of 3, Small Fake Succulent Potted Plants, in Grey Pot

When you’re looking at good accessories for a gaming setup, plants should definitely be on your shortlist. And while many resort to artificial ones, why not get real plants such as these Succulents? This five-pack of succulent plants comes with planter pots, fully rooted, and is a great accessory.

You can put them on your desk,
you can put them around the desk, on the windows, and they require minimal
maintenance to keep them alive. They come in two-inch pots, but you can easily
plant them in a decorative pot within seconds.

If you think you can’t keep
houseplants alive, you should get these and prove yourself wrong. They look
great, they’re easy to maintain, and you’ll love the beauty they add to your

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  1. Velener Mini Plants (Artificial)

Velener Mini Plastic Fake Green Grass Plants with Pots for Home Decor Indoor

As far as artificial plants go, the Velener Mini Plants is a great way to improve your setup’s aesthetic, without needing
to take care of them. And where many would suggest going for the default IKEA
ones, we would say get something else, such as this one by Velener. There are 7 small plant types to choose from.

The flowers and leaves are made of plastic, so you can easily keep them clean. However, they still look lifelike, which is a major concern with artificial plants. The gray paper pulp pots also look great but make sure you don’t put them in water. The plants are 4.7” in diameter and 4.7” high, so they’ll fit anywhere, even in a tight space.

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  1. Groot Pot

B-Best Guardians of The Galaxy Baby Groot Pens Holder Desk or Cute Planters Flower Pot with Drainage Hole Perfect for a Tiny Succulents Plants and Best Christmas Gift Idea 6'

Do you have small plants but can’t find a creative pot to place them in? Groot has your back! As seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, this small Groot pot is perfect for any small succulents or similar plants. It comes in at 6 inches in height and is made of PVC. It also has a drainage hole so you can water your plants easily.

Being made of PVC, it’s easy to
clean and maintain. If you don’t want to keep plants inside, you can also put
pens or pencils, or other small items. With a weight of 12.76 ounces, it’s far
from lightweight, but it’s also pretty stable, and you don’t have to worry
about it tipping over. Certainly one for a list of good accessories for a
gaming setup.

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Dust Blowers

  1. XPOWER A-2

XPOWER A-2 Series Multi-Purpose Powered Air Duster Vacuum - Black

Keeping your setup clean is crucial, but there’s only so much you can do with a rag. An air blower is excellent for getting dust out of tight spots without the risk of damaging them, such as your keyboard or your laptop. The XPOWER A-2 is an electric option that works admirably and comes with a couple of accessories that will make cleaning really easy.

Even though it has a fairly powerful motor, the blower weighs a mere 2.3 pounds. It’s made of ABS rugged plastic housing and has all the necessary certifications for safety. There are two speeds, a washable filter that’s easy to change, and a 10 ft. cord that ensures no power outlet is too far.

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  1. Dust-Off

Dust-Off Disposable Compressed Gas Duster, 10 oz Cans, 4 Pack

When you don’t want to mess with
electric blowers, yet still want to keep your setup dust-free, a can of
compressed air is your best friend. This four-pack from Dust-Off is an
excellent budget variant, and it works wonders.

It is ideal for cleaning any
setup and accessories, and the 10oz cans should actually last you a good while.
The air inside is 100% ozone safe, with no HCFCs, CFCs, butane or propane, and
it will remove lint and dust from hard-to-reach areas.

The only downside the Dust-Off
four-pack has compared to an electric air blower is the fact that they’ll get
empty eventually, and you’ll need to get new ones. However, at this price,
they’re more than worth it.

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  1. Pangton Villa LED Strip

PANGTON VILLA Led Strip Lights 16.4 ft RGB 5050 Color Kit with 24 Key Remote Control and Power Supply Mood Lamp for Room Bedroom Home Kitchen Indoor Decorations

RGB LED strips can make any desk setup look a lot better, therefore, the Pangton Villa LED Strip is a great option. And with an adhesive back, you can have it mounted below or behind your desk, and the backlight that reflects from your wall will look lovely.

The small controller can change the lights, as well as go through all of the lighting modes that change the lights automatically. If the 16.4-foot strip is too much, there are marked places where you can cut it to length.

The 5050 RGB LEDs aren’t waterproof, but since this is a desk accessory, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. All things considered, this is a great, and budget-friendly way of adding a bit of light to your setup.

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  1. LIFX A19 Wi-Fi LED Bulb

LIFX 1100-Lumen, 11W Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulb (LHA19E26UC10) Multi Colored - 75W - New

Tired of “regular” light bulbs?
What if you could get one that you control from your smartphone and changes in
any color you desire, as well as shades of white? Well, LIFX has your back with
their A19 bulb, which is one of the most popular smart bulbs today.

It works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, and doesn’t require a hub. Instead, it connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and you use the smartphone app to control colors and brightness. It supports dimming as well, and you could even control it with your voice.

The best thing? The app lets you set schedules, and there’s Day & Dusk automation that tailors everything from color and brightness to temperature, to best complement your day.

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  1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Working or gaming in the dark is
bad for your eyes, and sometimes your room lighting just isn’t enough. A desk
lamp is what you need, and we’ve got a great option for you – the TaoTronics
LED Desk Lamp
. The brand is well known in the budget electronics world for
great products that don’t cost a lot.

The lamp comes with seven
brightness modes and a 12W white light with five color modes. You’ll get a
flicker-free lighting that’s comfortable for anything from working to reading. Being
LED, it will also reduce electricity usage, and it’s operated by a touch panel
at the bottom.

The design is great and should
fit in nicely with just about any desk aesthetic. All things considered, it’s
an excellent way to add a bit of light to your room.

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  1. AUKEY Table Lamp

Amazon Basics XXL Gaming Computer Mouse Pad - Black

A small, warm light is suitable
with just about any design language, and AUKEY has you covered if you’re on a
budget. This touch-activated table lamp will illuminate your background with a
relaxing color, and you’ll get three brightness levels to choose from,
depending on your needs. This is if you go for white, though, but the lamp does
come with RGB lights that allow you to choose the exact color you want.

The base has a touch panel surrounding it and is where you’ll turn the lamp on or off, and where you can choose light modes, colors, and brightness. All you need to do is find it a suitable place, plug it in, and you’ve got a lovely ambient light.

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Mouse Bungee

  1. Razer Mouse Bungee v2

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2: Drag-Free Wired Mouse Support - for Esports-Level Performance - Classic Black (RC21-01210100-R3M1)

Everything from an expensive to a cheap gaming setup needs a good mouse bungee. It keeps the mouse cord out of the way and ensures there’s no drag and always enough cable for your movements. The Razer Bungee V2 is a minimal, but excellent bungee.

The weighted, non-slip base makes sure the cable doesn’t go anywhere, and the spring arm is rust-resistant. All things considered, it’s a durable product. It allows you to organize your cables, and the matte black construction ensures it blends in with any expensive or cheap accessories for your gaming/desk setup.

What’s also surprising is that
this is fairly cheap considering it’s a Razer product, but overall, it’s very
much worth it.

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  1. Casethrone Mouse Bungee

CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Cable Management,aBell Mouse Bungee Device for Esports FPS Game(Black)

The Casethrone is the mouse
bungee you didn’t know you needed until you bought it. It’s made to be fairly
affordable, yet works admirably and will keep your mouse cord where you want it
– out of the way. It’s small, so you can take it along with you if you need it.
However, it’s heavy enough to stay firm where you put it.

The silicone on the top will keep
your cord inside, and it’s removable in case you want to clean it. It’s pretty
simple as far as gaming set up accessories go, but when you get used to it,
you’ll be wondering how you’ve been living without it.

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Desk Foot Hammock

  1. Deskool Foot Hammock

Foot Hammock Under Desk with Headphones Holder | Upgraded Adjustable Ergonomic Office feet Rest |New Screw in Rubber Clamps | Suitable for All desks | Black

If you find yourself laying back
on your chair often, chances are you don’t know where to put your legs for them
to be comfortable. Well, we’ve got a solution – the Deskool Foot Hammock. It
attaches to your desk via screw-in rubber clamps (one of which has a headphones
mount as well), and you can set it up just how you like it.

With a breathable fabric that isn’t abrasive,
you can be sure that you’ll be as comfortable as possible. The entire hammock
is lightweight and portable, so when you aren’t using it, you can just fold it
and store it away. It’s perfect for those situations when you just want to lay
back, relax and put your feet up.

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